Saturday, February 3

Freemasonry in America

From the Constitution to Britney Spears

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The most curious part about studying Freemasonry is that others don't see their influence. Currently, I live in Austin which is named after Stephen F. Austin who was a mason. It's the same with Houston, and Lawrence where I used to live in Kansas. Lawrence is a small town and is the home of Kansas University. I think of it as mini Austin. The town symbol is a phoenix and there is a large Freemason Temple downtown. (It's the one in the intro of my show) I would be talking about the influence of Freemasonry in our lives and would say, "Well, you know the large Egyptian temple downtown." Now, this temple is adorned with papyrus columns and a large, gold compass, square, and a G with Masonic Temple written across the top of it, and my friends would say, "There's no Egyptian temple here. I've lived here my whole life." It just goes to show that we see what we expect to see. Nobody ever went into that building and nobody ever came out of it. I did stop by one day to have lunch with the brothers. What an experience. They actually thought that telling me my life would be spared in certain dangerous moments, such as war or in the court room, would make me consider joining. I was astounded. "Yeah, but you won't have to die." Man.
As we look toward the magical aspect of things, we find that the holly wood was one favored by the Druids. Holly is associated with death and rebirth symbolism. It is no surprise to me that the Hollywood is in the land of Kali-Fornication. Could Hollywood be linked to ritual murder? After the Columbine shootings, I said, "Well, they ought to pull Leonardo DiCaprio out in the streets and publicly flog him." In a stern discordian fashion. And this is exactly what happened. You see, Leonardo was in a film called the Basketball Diaries and enters his classroom in a black trench coat and a shotgun and proceeds to shoot a number of students. Of course this is what happened in Columbine and the media was savvy enough to pick up on this. Now, the question becomes, was this imitation or some thing more nefarious like a trauma based mind control trigger. When I was having my mind totally blown by understanding the cohesive nature of corporate logos, I went to see a film. The room went black and the screen filled with a large, gold compass, square and G. I was floored, until then, this had seemed fairly covert or at least you needed some insider knowledge. It was a movie based on Alan Moore's graphic novel, From Hell. I had been a conspiracy theorist long enough to know the theory of Jack the Ripper never getting caught due to the fact that he was a Freemason. Nobody has actually proven this, but the clues were there. (If you want know more, watch the movie) I thought to myself about why they would do this. Perhaps, I thought, they need another Ripper. One that would enjoy ritual murder and know they would get away with it. It was less then a month when the headlines read, SNIPER. It really makes one think. So, let's have a deeper look at the Masonic nature of Hollywood. Certainly another word for Blockbuster, is mason.
33rd degree Freemason J. Edgar Hoover, who has a room dedicated to him in the Supreme Mother Temple of the World in D.C., attempted for 4 years to recruit Kansas Freemason, Walt Disney into the F.B.I. He felt Disney would do a fine job instilling masonic beliefs into the minds of children. Hoover finally succeeded and Walt Disney's world began. You must understand that every ride in Disney World is sponsored by a military industrial corporation. Exxon has a dinosaur ride and RCA owns Space Mountain. RCA, by the way was founded by Freemason, David Sarnoff. As you exit the roller-coaster you get to witness automatons living the life of your future. The "They" know, they're the ones creating it. It shows you children learning from television and parents running on the treadmill indoors, until the last thing you see is yourself being watched by invisible cameras. They are controlling your dream.
The most prominent of the individuals who developed the idea of a new world order were Cecil Rhodes, Andrew Carnegie, and members of the Fabian Society, particularly H. G. Wells.
The Fabian Society was a group of intellectuals in England who believed that socialism was the way to organize the world for social and economic progress. H.G. Wells was originally a member of the Fabian Society and wrote extensively on political topics, influencing thinking in international affairs. In one of his books, entitled The New World Order (1939), Wells stated that world socialism was inevitable, and that there would be a difficult and painful transition period in which many "quite gallant and graceful-looking people" would "die protesting against it." He then went on to influence us with works like The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Time Machine, and The War of the Worlds. The latter becoming quite the psi-op. Men Like Gods is another title that fits into this mind-stream. Consider Dr. Moreau, a geneticist that has created half human, half beast creatures. The Time Machine and its subterranean rulers of the earth. Madness until you realize that these are the stories of the ancient past and the present.
Whole books have been written on the subject of Hollywood and the UFO psi-op. I like Bruce Rux compilation of data, Architects of the Underworld. It's interesting that he opens his book with, To whom it may concern:
Who meet on the angle must meet on the square
To acknowledge the architect only is fair
All labours ascend to a Grand Master Plan
The most divine handiwork of which is man
Can we escape their influence. It seems not, so, let's look at some of the most masonic(Blockbuster) movies out there.
We, of course, must open with Disney once again to show how masons are presented as heroes in stories without the profane catching on. Disney presented a film called, The Sons of Liberty, a coded phrase to represent the Brothers of Columbia. The film was of the Boston Tea Party and the Sons of Liberty's part in the affair. If one looks deep enough into the masonic affairs of the revolutionary war, one finds that all the major players belonged to the Craft and that whether they were British or American, they were first Freemasons. As the members in the lodge in Kansas had told me, brothers were a bit more equal than the profane. Realize that the story of Freemason, George Washington and the apple tree is itself a lie. A lie to instill morality. Men as Gods. The false flag terrorism that occurred in that Boston Harbor as presented to you is a lie to instill patriotism. On the battlefield a mason will save an "enemy" mason; it's all a psi-op and you begin to believe in ritual murder more and more. Not, however, by the men doing the killing, but by the men orchestrating the war.
This type of Hegelian Dialectical control is well exemplfied in Alan Moore's, League of Extraordinary Men, which was produced by 20th Century Fox, which was founded by Freemason Darryl Zanuck. Round and round we go. League shows us a masonic bad guy with advanced weaponry (tanks in the 1800's) known as the Fantom. I give away the plot here, it turns out that the Freemason "Good Guy" is the same man as the Freemason "Bad Guy" with the actual intention of gathering together the only known force that could stop him, The League of Extraordinary Men (and a woman). Control both sides to effect the center and in the process make tons of money on death and destruction.
The characters of the League are masonic, as well. It's interesting to note that Freemason Scottish Knight, Sir Sean Connery took the role of Alan Quatermain because he missed the truer illuminati meaning behind The Matrix, and had turned down a role as Architect of the Universe. I'm sure he was still disappointed after the release of League. His first notable Freemason film was The Man Who Would Be King, which co-starred Michael Caine who starred in Freemason Walt Disney's TV show 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as Captain Nemo, who just happens to be a character in League of Extraordinary Men based on the character from Jules Verne. Verne’s books also reveal Rosicrucian secrets of immortality, and some are constructed, like Mozart’s The Magic Flute, in accordance with Masonic initiation.
Immortality has been on their mind for an eternity. The character, Dorian Gray fulfills this role. Of course he is based off of Freemason Voltaire's work and he managed to get kicked out of numerous countries for his writings. The truth will get you in trouble. He said it best, "As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities." Oh, wait that wasn't it. He said, "I always made one prayer to God, which is extremely short. Here it is: "O my God, make our enemies quite ridiculous!" God granted it.
A true thing can be found. It is that our creative play is being subjugated. Be it politics, entertainment, religion, economics, it distracts us from our living dream.
to be continued...