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Pole Shift Maps

Mayan Sacrifice

December 21st 2007 I was sent to meet the Kakulhaa Mayan Spiritual Guides to witness the first ever, all night Winter Solstice Ceremony at the pyramids of Tikal. The Mayans warned their prophecies were coming true and offered safe harbor. With the possible arrival of Elenin, Niburu, Nemesis, or Planet X, a Mayan doctor offered me maps he said were given to him by the "Great White Brotherhood". The maps are made in honor of Charles H. Hapgood's Crustal Shift Hypothesis. Hapgood claimed that towards the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago, the extensive mass of glacial ice covering the northern continents caused the lithosphere to "slip" over the asthenosphere, moving Antarctica, during a period of at most several centuries, from a position in the middle latitudes to its current location, and at the same time rotating the other continents. Antarctica's movement to the polar region precipitated the development of its ice cap. Similarly, by shifting the northern ice sheets out of the arctic zone, the end of the ice age was facilitated.
Support for this theory was given in a forward by Albert Einstein to one of Hapgood's books in 1953: "In a polar region there is continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth's rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited masses, and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth's crust over the rest of the earth's body..." (Hapgood, 1958, p. 1)
The following is a brief description which appears on Gordon-Michael Scallion's FUTURE MAP OF THE UNITED STATES - 1998-2001:
The purpose of the "Future Map of the World" is to present a visual representation of probable geophysical events that may occur in the future. Gordan feels that by sharing this information, an early warning system may be established that takes into account areas to watch for and unfolding scenarios that may be used as benchmarks to warn of impending changes. [nggallery id=2] " I ... see a planetary spiritual awakening occurring during the nineties. A vision I've seen is of a new Earth--reborn--with its people living in harmony with each other... Communities seem to be located more in rural areas than in cities. The air is clean, and there no longer is an ozone hole. I see circular, clustered homes--domes made of a kind of living membrane that provides self-adjusting heating, lighting, and cooling. There are no automobiles, but there does appear to be a new form of public transportation--long, cigar-shaped crafts that move across the ground silently--without wheels. The average life-span has expanded to 150 years because of the Earth's new vibrations and the consciousness of its inhabitants. Telepathy is common between individuals, and between people and animals. There are new flowers, plants, and trees, which provide herbal remedies for this time. Many of the diseases of the twentieth century are gone... Color and sound therapy are the predominant healing modalities. In the year 2002 the world has become a lunar society guided by intuition. There is a common spiritual belief on the planet, termed the "Oneness," a belief in the interrelatedness of all life. The Millennium of Peace has arrived, and a new cycle begins." Gordan Michael Scallion And finally, Scallion stresses that he believes that the Earth is a sentient being and that humankind are her partners. Whenever the Earth is thrown out of balance, either by humankind, cosmic events, or other forces, she, like all living things, seeks to restore harmony and balance. The changes he predicts are attempts on the Earth's part to set aright the many things humankind has set amiss.
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The Mayans Speak
The movie 2012 did not mention the Mayan prophecy on which this date is based other than to show a group visiting the pyramids in Tikal committing suicide. The Mayans perform ceremonies at these sites to show gratitude and gain favor with the universe and their ancestors. I was part of this momentous occasion and would like to present to you, from their own mouths, the Mayan thoughts on the year, 2012.