Thursday, August 30

Weird Stuff Magazine Coming Soon!

Ever wonder why the world is going to Hell in a hand basket? Now you will! Social engineering starts with popular culture and becomes the belief systems of the next generation.

Know the truth about Walt Disney Co. and their connection with the military industrial complex. Understand the purpose of Lady Gaga performing a blood sacrifice on American Idol and Madonna’s use of Kabbalah in Super Bowl High Profile Rituals. This book has information for ministers and magi, alike. Easily share this information with your friends with this tabloid-style encyclopedia of Illuminati symbolism, pop culture social engineering, and the personal power of esoteric knowledge.
Weird Stuff goes where your minister will not dare!

Friday, August 17

Freemasonry Secret War of the Rites

Freemason Supreme Council Insider, Sir James Wright, Exposes Cult Abuses. You don't want to miss this! Learn the shocking truth about dead bodies used in rituals, abductions & the Secret War of the Rites in Freemasonry.

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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - Nasa's Nazis & the Great Pyramid Weapon System
Nazi Atomic Technology, Anti-Gravity, Time Control Weapons, Hidden History, Corporate Space War, CERN Extreme Torsion Shear, SS Brotherhood of the Bell $1.99

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Dan Fogler - Don Peyote and the Adventures of Warren Allman

Freeman will appear in Dan Fogler's new production, Don Peyote. You might recognize Dan from such films as, Mars Needs Moms, or Balls of Fury. Warren Allman awakens to the New World Order and is introduced to the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry by Freeman. He is shown an altar where FDR and Houdini knelt, Warren's world began to shift into a shamanic...well, see for yourself.

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Watch Katy Perry - E.T. [Occult Symbolism]