Monday, May 27

Freeman Radio Appearances

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May 27th 8pm CST Occult Science Radio  
June 1st - 2nd - Conspiracy Con in Milpitas, California

Shows you might have missed
May 21st 10pm CST The Truth Traveler with Erin Dakins  
May 26th Jamie and Freeman join Crystal Light Kids Radio
 Type 1 Radio from the Friendship Agenda
Illuminati Rocks Stars and the Satanic Agenda - Freeman on Ground Zero
Freeman with Dr. Hurley on GCN
The Kevin Gallagher Show
Deadline Live with Jack Blood
Freeman Hosts The Middle Chamber w/ Packy Savvenas on the Pope Apocalypse
Truth Frequency
The Apocalyptic Pope - Freeman Fly on The Pope, The Anti-christ and World War 3
Syncretism with Santos Bonacci
Freeman on Alex Ansary about Sandy Hook, Dorner, and the Rise of the Dark Hero
The Power Hour Jan 28th 9am
The Hidden Experience
Freeman on Deadline Live w/ Jack Blood
Freeman on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley
Ground Zero w/ Clyde Lewis
The Morning Brew w/Gwen Caldwell
Unzipping Reality with Leah LaChapelle
Truther Girls 2nd Hour with Freeman and Jamie
The Corbett Report
The NutriMedical Report Oct 8th - 9th 3rd Hour
Lenon Honor Down the Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye
Time Out w/ Kevin Gallagher
Ground Zero's National Premiere
On the Edge w/ Robert Phoenix
Truth Frequency
We are Change Bakersfield
Deadline Live with Jack Blood - Sept. 21
Type 1 Radio Year Anniversary
Orion Talk Radio - Sept 24
NightWatch Paranormal Radio
Synch Book Radio
Revere Radio Network
More Guest Appearances
Free Zone Archives