Thursday, October 27

Friendship Agenda Activation

Friends of Freeman

It was a harrowing adventure that tested the limits of our being. To be honest, I have sainted Monty, Jamie, and I. To tell this whole adventure will take some time so, I will blog and present audio and the Type One Congress is working on the video. Our meeting was a huge success, mostly showing our determination to make our dreams come true. After packing and moving the house and selling the car and studying for our CDL licensing; we worked and struggled like have never done before and then got up and did some more. We slept 3 nights in Ms. Emily to wait for our driver's test. We all had to pass or miss the Type One Congress. People from all over the nation were driving and flying out to Sassafras Island to discuss and plan the Roadshow. With the heart of Columbus, Mystery Inc. ( Monty, Jamie and I)

turned our bus east, now legally driving, and headed off to the unknown. We conquered 1100 miles with only a lot of noise and bumps. I'm certain I got 2 inches of air once sleeping in our unbolted bed in back. As we reached the mountains and Jamie had taken the wheel, we learned that the bus would conk out going down hill. We were sunk. We sat on the side of the highway waving in the back draft of the passing trunks near tears. There had been many tears just getting out of our house, now to be sitting on the side of the PA Turnpike dead in the water and not a clue as to what was wrong, left us in utter despair. We could not give up, however. Some of the best people we know were waiting in a safe port of harbor. I phoned our destination. This is a lovely couple that I don't know whether they want mention or not but, for now I will call them our guardian angels or our fairy godmother and father. As our mystical path would provide, our angels have a truck shop and work on our type of engine regularly. He told me of our problem and now I knew I could hobble the bus across Pennsylvania. On every downhill the bus would shut off. Jamie would hold the wheel and wait for me to turn off and turn on the diesel engine while staying within cruising traffic. It was nerve-wracking and late after much work but, we had to "bugger on". We rested and woke to our angel phoning bright and early to see if I was under the bus, yet. I pulled on my bibs and grabbed my vice grips and stepped into the wet cold to learn where my fuel filter was located and remove and clean it. I know my way around engines as, this is not my first rodeo. This didn't help so, I continued to accelerate and glide up and down the Pennsylvania mountains. We only used half our gas and pulled safely into our friend's truck repair shop. The Friendship Agenda at work. Now he tells me, make a list of all that you have found wrong and I'll have my mechanics and welders sort you right out. As we depart from here, Ms. Emily will be more road-worthy than she has been in years. Our systems checked. We can broadcast shows to you and watch Netflix live from the road and the Type One Congress was a huge success, Mystery Inc. can now take much needed break and now that the Friendship Agenda is in full swing. Are you ready? Stay tuned for the upcoming presentations here and on