Saturday, April 15

Concerning Owl Symbolism & Bohemian Grove

We should get this straight now, so that there is no more confusion. The owl being displayed by the illuminati is not Molech(moloch). This I hope to put to rest, here and now.
If we consider the symbolism used by the brotherhood, the symbols most prevalent, go to the goddess. In America, we call her Columbia. In England she is known as Brittania, hence British Columbia. In the past she has been known as Semiramis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, et al. Now, let's look at the goddess symbolism. She is known as a triple goddess, trinities relate to her. In the Tarot the 3rd major arcana is the Empress. She is symbolized as a phoenix rising and is known as the eye goddess. As Venus, she is symbolized by a shell and a pentagram. Most of the goddess' have connections with the merfolk.
Isis in the egyptian pantheon, is a symbol of Sirius, a recently re-discovered trinary star system. It has been shown through history that there is a connection with Sirius and fish-people.
Finally, the goddess is represented by an owl. You will find numerous depictions of the goddess with her owl. Some say that this is due to the correlation between Sophia(wisdom) and the wise old owl. I don't know. What I do know is the goddess has always been depicted with an owl. Molech is a bull. He is a minor deity with possible links to Baal. Now if Baal had been suggested I would give it more thought, and I have. we'll come back to Baal.

OK, here we go, abc does not have a logo because the trinity is the logo, NBC is the phoenix replaced by the peacock because of the eye symbolism on the tail. CBS, Columbia Broadcasting Systems has an eye as its symbol. Interestingly the eye in the tarot is the letter ayin which is the Devil card in the major arcana.
Venus is known as the "star of the morning" which is Lucifer in the Bible. A lucifer is also a friction match. Phoenix pictures strikes a lucifer(a friction match) and it becomes a sun low on the horizon and then burns up to a fiery phoenix, Lucifer, uh, I mean Phoenix, Pictures' movie content includes: genetic manipulation and cloning, child labor camps, and nazi worship. These films feature such stars as Schwartzenegger, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen King, and are in association with Columbia, Tri-Star, and Disney! Hmmm. But I digress.
The Star of the morning is symbolized by a pentagram due to its travels when viewed from earth. It makes a five-pointed star every 8 years. Venus is symbolized by the shell because of her connection with the life-giving sea. Therefore, Texaco has a pentagram and Shell has a shell. It is goddess reference and this goddess represents Sirius... where the fish-people are from.

Let's continue. Sysco's symbol has a cube for the shape which symbolizes man perfected, within the cube are the letters SYSCO. The Y forms the cube, the cube and SS spell Isis, and the CO make the moon and rising sun symbol(the same symbol you will see on the New Orleans Police cars) of the goddess.
Our capital is the District of Columbia and the White house is surrounded by an owl connected to a pentagram. Of course this can only be viewed from space. The capital dome in DC has the goddess on top and the dome itself is a symbol of the goddess. Here, in Austin our Columbia holds a pentagram, in Galveston as well. The phallus symbol of Osiris(Orion) is always secondary to the goddess Isis(Sirius). In Denver, the goddess is on an obelisk holding the torch of Lucifer. The same for the statue of Liberty that was designed by the mason, Eiffel, who crafted the large phallus for the brothers in Paris.

Here in Austin we have a phallus clock tower with owl features, standing due north of the capital dome on top of which stands the goddess, holding a gold pentagram. In between these two symbols stands the goddess with angel wings, on a boat being drawn by fish-people. To her left is a pentagram and to her right is a shell. Next to this building is the Harry Ransom Center which houses the "Book of the Law"; a book Crowley channeled from an extra-terrestrial Atlantean named, Aiwass. This book made Aleister Crowley the most infamous magician in the world. Because we are talking about magic here, are we not? Rituals, incantations, groves...
Bohemian Grove was infiltrated by Alex Jones and although I thought he should have trusted his "Jedi" powers more, I admire the man for what he, and Mike Hanson, did. Unfortunately, symbolism was not high on Alex's priorities. I understand he has his mission to fulfill. So, in steps Freeman, to attempt to fill in some gaps and correct this one error. You are not witnessing the worship of Moloch. In the Bible Asherah is translated grove. Asherah is also the Biblical version of Ishtar, who is Isis, which represents Sirius. What you see before you could be signs of allegiance to our extra-terrestrial progenitors from Orion and Sirius. This planet and its resources could be the property of another race and the secret societies keeping it all in line. It is well known that NASA is constructed of nazis and freemasons. If you look into such things. The symbol the masons use for Sirius is known as the blazing star. It is a pentagram on fire. Not to be confused with the pentagram of Venus, which is not blazing. This is the symbol on NASA. The space shuttles names run the Columbia Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis and all Challengers will be destroyed. There were others sacrificed to Columbia as well. Have you ever wondered what a space shuttle is shuttling? Where did the $30 million in gold, under the towers, disappear to, after Cheney's trucks cleaned up the mess? Now, you know why Columbia docks with the ISS. It's always been about the gold.
Happy Ishtar!Queen of the Night
Columbia Video

Wednesday, April 12

911 made to happen on purpose

Program to Chaos
What if you knew...
an attack was eminent, but your methods of diagnosis were not yet recognized by the mainstream officials? What if your evidence implicated the highest officials in the government? What would people's reaction be to your telling them that the terrorist attack they are to witness, in the future, on this particular date, is your government trying to persuade you to submit to total global domination? How would your friends feel when your, seemingly, prophetic words erupted into flames on the television. "But, if he knew...?" Would they blame "W"? Would they blame the Republican's? They would most certainly know something is amiss, and that things are not as they appear. Their reaction will be altered.
I have experienced this scenario on 911. Three years prior to 9/11, during the Clinton era, I was keeping track of the National(Homeland) Security Act. It went to bill on the 1st of October, each time being shot down as un-American. I had recognized that, in Hebrew, V=6, therefore, W=66. 66 in kabbalism is the number of the fallen angels or qlippoth. Hitler was a kabbalist, as well, and incorporated the VV(66) of the fallen angels into the Volks-Wagon symbol; two V's interlaced, making a third, therefore equaling 666, the number of the beast. Can you spot the number of the beast in this photo? The beast, "W", had arrived, and I knew they would wait no longer. I felt they needed 2 weeks for public reaction, therefore something would need to happen in mid-September. I picked the date 9/11 because it was the date that HW(H stands for the Emperor) stated, "there will be a New World Order." Had I known that both the Pentagon, and the "Twin Towers" had begun construction on 9/11, I would have predicted the targets, as well. I did not feel prophetic, I felt that everything was going according to plan. But, who's plan?
This is social engineering. Americans have never elected a president; they are chosen to serve specific purposes for the "Great Work". Clinton was no servant of the people. He was selected to fall from grace. The motto in Arkansas was, "elect Clinton, get him out of Arkansas." He was placed into office to degrade our ideal of the president. Everyone involved knew Clinton was a coke-snorting, womanizer. Clinton passed a law in Arkansas stating that any death considered a suicide would not be further investigated, and the body count around the Clintons grew to over 100. It was during Clinton's era, that China became a Most Favored Nation and, therefore, China is granted access to all of our patents. No, Clinton was not a good, man of the people. He did his part for the New World Order and now is being taken care of. This is why you see him running around with "HW". So, now that the president was degraded, "they" needed to attack the election process itself. You see, this is psychological warfare. It was no accident that the election was thrown in Jeb Bush land. This was a conspiracy within a conspiracy. You are supposed to believe that this is a family affair. This is the conspiracy "they" want to instill. My prediction before 2000 was that, "W" will be president no matter what, and it would best serve the brotherhood if he was railroaded into office, and that he would be the last American president. The people must lose faith in their system. This is psychological preparation for losing WWIII. First you must defeat a people's heart, then you can defeat them in war.
So, here is what I see for our future: America will attack Iran, with Israel backing them, and with the commission of HAARP, America is no longer in agreement with nuclear treaties. The Russia/China alliance will back Iran and attack America. We are witnessing the coming of the "Holy Masonic Empire". When I see Masonic temples for sale all over America, I do not think this is due to declining membership; they are liquidating their assets. This country is slated to be devastated.
What will you do when you know this is truth? Violent revolutionary acts will only further their goals. We cannot attack this beast. What "they" want is for you to react to their stage play. What if we don't react? There is no returning to what was in the past. We must dream a new dream. We have embarked on a dangerous mission. If you accept that you have come here to experience the creation of a new paradigm, and have it in your heart to remain compassionate, even when it appears the world is being destroyed around you, we will bring about a New World Order of our choosing. Can you believe that?

Wednesday, April 5

Play Life

"I admire your courage." This phrase never ceases to amaze and alarm me. This says to me that, you are aware of what is going on, but unwilling to do anything about it. People admit that they are afraid to know me. All I do is speak the truth, as I see it. I find life fascinating. The great enigmas on earth have always intrigued me. My life appears as a story book to others. Aliens, secret societies, witchcraft, even finding the holy grail, have all been a part of my life. I don't know, nor understand what you see as reality. I see the program, the "Matrix" if you will, that surrounds you, and I can extrapolate from this what I believe that you see as reality, but I will never really know. I'm given clues to your thoughts, however, with statements like the one above. I know that you know your freedom is in peril. I also know that you believe there is nothing that you can do about this. It's all concealed within that one statement. I don't think that I use courage to do what I do. I'm a fascinated child expressing my joy of wonderment. I find life amazing, and I want to share with you all the things that have happened here on planet earth, that are awe-inspiring, in hopes of breaking you free from the mind-control that I now realize exists. If we treated life here on earth as an experience and not as a chore, we would all have a lot more peace in our lives. I don't feel the peril because I know that I am eternal. These few turns around the sun are but one blip my being will experience. This knowledge allows me to experience life on earth more fully. I'm a constant child in a toy store. Do you remember when you could just sit there without self consciousness. Now, we feel the weight of "Big Brother" starring down on us, and we recoil in fear. It shows in our actions and in our words. Can you project from this, what our future will be like? People already don't want to show their face on the internet. We know we are being monitored. Do you think that you could shrug off the over-powering program of "Big Brother"-pressure? Could you cast off the shackles that civilization has placed on you, and go out and experience life. Forget the programming, have the mind of a child, and believe the world is working for your benefit. It doesn't take courage, it takes faith and love. No, I'm not a courageous man, I'm a Freeman.