Thursday, October 14

A 10-13-10 UFO Display

On 10-13-10 a massive UFO display was seen by thousands in New York City. The event lasted all day and reports began to surface of sightings all over the world. This coincided with predictions made by retired NORAD director, Stan Fulham in his book, Challenges Of Change.
10/13 Bigger Than 9/11 4 years of 10/13 reports by Freeman
Truth Frequency10-13 NYC Sky Cam

Tonight, 10-14-10 at 9pm CST Truth Frequency welcomes veteran researchers and UFOlogists – Jim Marrs and Freeman to discuss the event. Was it prophecy fulfilled? Are aliens real and visiting us? Or is this simply a government psy-op?

UFO Sightings in New York As Crowds of People Stare
This was covered live on Deadline Live with Jack Blood
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