Sunday, August 31

Who Created the Ferguson Riot? – David McGowan

Can protest cause perpetual war? Has Hip-Hop been created by Military Intelligence to manifest a Thug Society? Was the Ferguson Riot manufactured? - See more at:

Celebrity Mind Control Rehab

Ever wonder who's leading this parade, guiding us to destruction? Our celebrities have the most power for influencing the direction of our culture. Can we save them from "The Culture Creators" and rescue humanity? - See more at:

Signs of the Apocalypse – Rob Skiba

Secret Rituals of the Federal Reserve and NASA. Was a Canaanite altar used for baby sacrifice behind the creation of Federal Reserve Money System on Jekyll Island? Has the use of Trans-humanism guided us to Armageddon? Rob Skiba, author of Babylon Rising, and Freeman share much of the same knowledge. Find out how this information connects to the Book of Revelations. - See more at:

Sunday, August 10

Gaza - Our Judgement

Are you expected to pick a side? Are you for Israel or are you for Palestine? Can you make this choice? Join Freeman and Jamie for an honest look at what we can do to make the world a better place. Tune in to The Free Zone live Saturdays 8pm EST