Sunday, September 10

...and the V's have it!

“…this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.” V

This is no vacuous vacation from veracity; the V’s value is no vamp in the vision of the votaries which vilipend the virtuous; those viral visitants vacant of virtue..

This V of Vonage venerates lascivious union; a veiled violation of virginal vanity. A V revealing a dot visiting between the legs is a variant of the very point within a circle voiced below; a vas deferens vessel and a vulva.
Visa’s V is vandalized by a viscid fluid with the entrance of the yod; a virile votive vouchsafing the virgin’s violation.
The V of VH1 verifies the veracity of its usage. The VH1 rests on a cube: a vestige of the vole’s viatical vow to venerate the “perfect ashlar”. The V is a symbol of the virgin, the H is a symbol of the Emperor, and the 1 is a penis. Variform Masonic symbolism replaces the G in the vaginal oblong square, formed by the compass and square, with the Hebrew Yod; a tongue of fire representing virility. This is no verbigeration of out-dated vernacular.
Valero veils the Masonic compass and square in the letters VA, as does Viacom and the action TV show, Vanished. The vicissitude of Valero’s symbol from the “tri-diamond” (Kali, Durga, and Parvati?) to the V, when viewing the commercial, varies from the infinity symbol (a symbol of the magician), to an X (another coded hexagram), which then becomes a V.
The V is not long standing before a vermicular intrusion drapes around its legs. Of course, Valero’s earlier logo is a pentagram formed of five V’s.
Venus Express of the European Space Agency canted the square to venerate that vessel of knowledge, Pythagoras. I’m truly curious to see what anomalies Venus unveils to this mission. Of course, NASA has countered with the Orion mission.
It’s interesting to note that in the Tarot, V is the Hierophant, the Magus of the Gods. He takes on the essence of Venus and Mercury; the hermaphrodite. Knight and Lomas, in their work, “The Book of Hiram”, equate the union of Venus and Mercury with the Shekinah; a Hebrew form of the goddess. We see the same symbolism over and over.
Verifibly, this was envisioned by the developers of Volvo's viva to Mars and Venus; being a vulva with the virility of Mars.
The hexagram of Israel has the same connotation. There is one triangle over another and sometimes interwoven, one black, one white. This is the same symbolism displayed in the goddess holding one arm up and one arm down. This is the symbol used by the ancient alchemists to denote dark and light forces. The hexagram can also be found on the floor of Muslim mosques. The Hindus worship a supreme goddess known as Kali. To this day there are human sacrifices to Kali in hopes of gaining earthly wealth. Kali is worshipped on the cremation grounds and is a goddess of destruction. I’d call that a “Cremation of Care”.
Could this be the vainglory of villainous vampiric vermin verily vacant of virtue?
V for Vendetta’s contrivance to facilitate vengeful violence from a virtuous vantage verifies the villainy of the Wachowski Brothers.
Encoded within Village Roadshow's logo is 66; 6 V's making one V, once again, the sign of the fallen ones.
Taken a step further and one finds that Village Roadshow's partner, Warner Bros, uses a crest with WB. In magic, this would transliterate to magicians of the fallen ones. B is the letter assigned the Magician in the Tarot.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot ;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot
A penny loaf to feed ol'Pope,
A farthing cheese to choke him.
A pint of beer to rinse it down,
A faggot of sticks to burn him.
Burn him in a tub of tar,'
Burn him like a blazing star.
Burn his body from his head,
Then we'll say: ol'Pope is dead

Pauline Pierce was friends with Aleister Crowley, maybe more than friends. Pauline had a reputation of being a bit on the wild-side in the 20’s. It’s been reported that she and Aleister were in France together around September/October of 1924. Upon return to America and her boyfriend here, Pauline gave birth to Barbara Pierce. Fearing retaliation from James I, the Pierces changed their name from Percy to hide from their involvement in the “Gun Powder Plot” of 1605, starring Thomas Percy, Robert Catesby, and, of course, Guy Fawkes, the fall guy. We actually get the word, guy, from Guy Fawkes. He was also known as Guido, but I digress. The “Gun Powder Plot” was designed to make James I of Biblical fame, harsher on the Catholics, for he was the target of all that gun powder. With a few plot twists, Lord Robert Cecil, the Earl of Salisbury and Venetian Intelligence, councilor to James, informed him of the plot. Cecil was behind the plot. Guy Fawkes took the fall. He was the Timothy Mc Veigh of his time.
For those of you that believe it would make an impact to dress as this patsy, it would do better to use your own imagination rather than that provided by the magician's wand.
Even now, few understand that plot: Guy was no fox but a dupe ensnared by the chief minister himself in a madcap scheme to blow up King and Parliament. The real plot was royally successful: to invent a pretext for war with Spain. This fraud was the foundation of the British Empire.
Fawkes was discovered and arrested during a raid on the cellar in the early morning of 5 November. Catesby and Percy were cut down in the process and killed on the spot. Guy was immediately taken to the Tower of London and tortured over the next few days, after special permission to do so had been granted by the King. On 31 January, Fawkes, and a number of others implicated in the conspiracy, were tried in Westminster Hall, and after being found guilty, were taken to Old Palace Yard in Westminster and St. Paul's Yard, where they were hanged, drawn, and quartered. Fawkes cheated this fate in a way: though weakened by torture, he jumped from the gallows and snapped his neck rather than being hanged until almost dead.
Quite simply, all the fireworks are to celebrate the torture and execution of Mr. Fawkes, who, along with several other Catholics, conspired to blow up Parliament…or did they? It seems that the “gun powder” was corn powder and would not have exploded. The “Hidden Hand” was behind the works and the Wizard of Oz is…
Lord Robert Cecil, the Earl of Salisbury and Venetian Intelligence. Venice needed England to war with Spain to keep the money rolling in. They were the CIA of their day. So why did I start this with Pauline Pierce, you ask? Pauline Pierce, after sexcapades with Aleister Crowley, gave birth to Barbara Pierce who became Barbara Bush, who gave birth to none other than, George VV Bush, Aleister’s grand-son. Barbara Pierce is a descendant of President Franklin Pierce, Sr (not a Freemason), who is a descendant of Thomas Percy who tried to blow up the Parliament and King James I. Franklin Pierce lost favor over wanting to keep slavery alive and was replaced by James Buchanan (Freemason) who is a descendant of James I and both James are accused of being homosexual.
You couldn’t make this stuff up!
And what revelation does this tale of V portend? These vilest of villians will get you to do their dirty work and kill you in the end for the vacuous endeavor of making slaves of men.
False flag, state sponsored terrorism, don't do it!

Saturday, April 15

Concerning Owl Symbolism & Bohemian Grove

We should get this straight now, so that there is no more confusion. The owl being displayed by the illuminati is not Molech(moloch). This I hope to put to rest, here and now.
If we consider the symbolism used by the brotherhood, the symbols most prevalent, go to the goddess. In America, we call her Columbia. In England she is known as Brittania, hence British Columbia. In the past she has been known as Semiramis, Ishtar, Anat, Asherah, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, et al. Now, let's look at the goddess symbolism. She is known as a triple goddess, trinities relate to her. In the Tarot the 3rd major arcana is the Empress. She is symbolized as a phoenix rising and is known as the eye goddess. As Venus, she is symbolized by a shell and a pentagram. Most of the goddess' have connections with the merfolk.
Isis in the egyptian pantheon, is a symbol of Sirius, a recently re-discovered trinary star system. It has been shown through history that there is a connection with Sirius and fish-people.
Finally, the goddess is represented by an owl. You will find numerous depictions of the goddess with her owl. Some say that this is due to the correlation between Sophia(wisdom) and the wise old owl. I don't know. What I do know is the goddess has always been depicted with an owl. Molech is a bull. He is a minor deity with possible links to Baal. Now if Baal had been suggested I would give it more thought, and I have. we'll come back to Baal.

OK, here we go, abc does not have a logo because the trinity is the logo, NBC is the phoenix replaced by the peacock because of the eye symbolism on the tail. CBS, Columbia Broadcasting Systems has an eye as its symbol. Interestingly the eye in the tarot is the letter ayin which is the Devil card in the major arcana.
Venus is known as the "star of the morning" which is Lucifer in the Bible. A lucifer is also a friction match. Phoenix pictures strikes a lucifer(a friction match) and it becomes a sun low on the horizon and then burns up to a fiery phoenix, Lucifer, uh, I mean Phoenix, Pictures' movie content includes: genetic manipulation and cloning, child labor camps, and nazi worship. These films feature such stars as Schwartzenegger, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen King, and are in association with Columbia, Tri-Star, and Disney! Hmmm. But I digress.
The Star of the morning is symbolized by a pentagram due to its travels when viewed from earth. It makes a five-pointed star every 8 years. Venus is symbolized by the shell because of her connection with the life-giving sea. Therefore, Texaco has a pentagram and Shell has a shell. It is goddess reference and this goddess represents Sirius... where the fish-people are from.

Let's continue. Sysco's symbol has a cube for the shape which symbolizes man perfected, within the cube are the letters SYSCO. The Y forms the cube, the cube and SS spell Isis, and the CO make the moon and rising sun symbol(the same symbol you will see on the New Orleans Police cars) of the goddess.
Our capital is the District of Columbia and the White house is surrounded by an owl connected to a pentagram. Of course this can only be viewed from space. The capital dome in DC has the goddess on top and the dome itself is a symbol of the goddess. Here, in Austin our Columbia holds a pentagram, in Galveston as well. The phallus symbol of Osiris(Orion) is always secondary to the goddess Isis(Sirius). In Denver, the goddess is on an obelisk holding the torch of Lucifer. The same for the statue of Liberty that was designed by the mason, Eiffel, who crafted the large phallus for the brothers in Paris.

Here in Austin we have a phallus clock tower with owl features, standing due north of the capital dome on top of which stands the goddess, holding a gold pentagram. In between these two symbols stands the goddess with angel wings, on a boat being drawn by fish-people. To her left is a pentagram and to her right is a shell. Next to this building is the Harry Ransom Center which houses the "Book of the Law"; a book Crowley channeled from an extra-terrestrial Atlantean named, Aiwass. This book made Aleister Crowley the most infamous magician in the world. Because we are talking about magic here, are we not? Rituals, incantations, groves...
Bohemian Grove was infiltrated by Alex Jones and although I thought he should have trusted his "Jedi" powers more, I admire the man for what he, and Mike Hanson, did. Unfortunately, symbolism was not high on Alex's priorities. I understand he has his mission to fulfill. So, in steps Freeman, to attempt to fill in some gaps and correct this one error. You are not witnessing the worship of Moloch. In the Bible Asherah is translated grove. Asherah is also the Biblical version of Ishtar, who is Isis, which represents Sirius. What you see before you could be signs of allegiance to our extra-terrestrial progenitors from Orion and Sirius. This planet and its resources could be the property of another race and the secret societies keeping it all in line. It is well known that NASA is constructed of nazis and freemasons. If you look into such things. The symbol the masons use for Sirius is known as the blazing star. It is a pentagram on fire. Not to be confused with the pentagram of Venus, which is not blazing. This is the symbol on NASA. The space shuttles names run the Columbia Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis and all Challengers will be destroyed. There were others sacrificed to Columbia as well. Have you ever wondered what a space shuttle is shuttling? Where did the $30 million in gold, under the towers, disappear to, after Cheney's trucks cleaned up the mess? Now, you know why Columbia docks with the ISS. It's always been about the gold.
Happy Ishtar!Queen of the Night
Columbia Video

Wednesday, April 12

911 made to happen on purpose

Program to Chaos
What if you knew...
an attack was eminent, but your methods of diagnosis were not yet recognized by the mainstream officials? What if your evidence implicated the highest officials in the government? What would people's reaction be to your telling them that the terrorist attack they are to witness, in the future, on this particular date, is your government trying to persuade you to submit to total global domination? How would your friends feel when your, seemingly, prophetic words erupted into flames on the television. "But, if he knew...?" Would they blame "W"? Would they blame the Republican's? They would most certainly know something is amiss, and that things are not as they appear. Their reaction will be altered.
I have experienced this scenario on 911. Three years prior to 9/11, during the Clinton era, I was keeping track of the National(Homeland) Security Act. It went to bill on the 1st of October, each time being shot down as un-American. I had recognized that, in Hebrew, V=6, therefore, W=66. 66 in kabbalism is the number of the fallen angels or qlippoth. Hitler was a kabbalist, as well, and incorporated the VV(66) of the fallen angels into the Volks-Wagon symbol; two V's interlaced, making a third, therefore equaling 666, the number of the beast. Can you spot the number of the beast in this photo? The beast, "W", had arrived, and I knew they would wait no longer. I felt they needed 2 weeks for public reaction, therefore something would need to happen in mid-September. I picked the date 9/11 because it was the date that HW(H stands for the Emperor) stated, "there will be a New World Order." Had I known that both the Pentagon, and the "Twin Towers" had begun construction on 9/11, I would have predicted the targets, as well. I did not feel prophetic, I felt that everything was going according to plan. But, who's plan?
This is social engineering. Americans have never elected a president; they are chosen to serve specific purposes for the "Great Work". Clinton was no servant of the people. He was selected to fall from grace. The motto in Arkansas was, "elect Clinton, get him out of Arkansas." He was placed into office to degrade our ideal of the president. Everyone involved knew Clinton was a coke-snorting, womanizer. Clinton passed a law in Arkansas stating that any death considered a suicide would not be further investigated, and the body count around the Clintons grew to over 100. It was during Clinton's era, that China became a Most Favored Nation and, therefore, China is granted access to all of our patents. No, Clinton was not a good, man of the people. He did his part for the New World Order and now is being taken care of. This is why you see him running around with "HW". So, now that the president was degraded, "they" needed to attack the election process itself. You see, this is psychological warfare. It was no accident that the election was thrown in Jeb Bush land. This was a conspiracy within a conspiracy. You are supposed to believe that this is a family affair. This is the conspiracy "they" want to instill. My prediction before 2000 was that, "W" will be president no matter what, and it would best serve the brotherhood if he was railroaded into office, and that he would be the last American president. The people must lose faith in their system. This is psychological preparation for losing WWIII. First you must defeat a people's heart, then you can defeat them in war.
So, here is what I see for our future: America will attack Iran, with Israel backing them, and with the commission of HAARP, America is no longer in agreement with nuclear treaties. The Russia/China alliance will back Iran and attack America. We are witnessing the coming of the "Holy Masonic Empire". When I see Masonic temples for sale all over America, I do not think this is due to declining membership; they are liquidating their assets. This country is slated to be devastated.
What will you do when you know this is truth? Violent revolutionary acts will only further their goals. We cannot attack this beast. What "they" want is for you to react to their stage play. What if we don't react? There is no returning to what was in the past. We must dream a new dream. We have embarked on a dangerous mission. If you accept that you have come here to experience the creation of a new paradigm, and have it in your heart to remain compassionate, even when it appears the world is being destroyed around you, we will bring about a New World Order of our choosing. Can you believe that?

Wednesday, April 5

Play Life

"I admire your courage." This phrase never ceases to amaze and alarm me. This says to me that, you are aware of what is going on, but unwilling to do anything about it. People admit that they are afraid to know me. All I do is speak the truth, as I see it. I find life fascinating. The great enigmas on earth have always intrigued me. My life appears as a story book to others. Aliens, secret societies, witchcraft, even finding the holy grail, have all been a part of my life. I don't know, nor understand what you see as reality. I see the program, the "Matrix" if you will, that surrounds you, and I can extrapolate from this what I believe that you see as reality, but I will never really know. I'm given clues to your thoughts, however, with statements like the one above. I know that you know your freedom is in peril. I also know that you believe there is nothing that you can do about this. It's all concealed within that one statement. I don't think that I use courage to do what I do. I'm a fascinated child expressing my joy of wonderment. I find life amazing, and I want to share with you all the things that have happened here on planet earth, that are awe-inspiring, in hopes of breaking you free from the mind-control that I now realize exists. If we treated life here on earth as an experience and not as a chore, we would all have a lot more peace in our lives. I don't feel the peril because I know that I am eternal. These few turns around the sun are but one blip my being will experience. This knowledge allows me to experience life on earth more fully. I'm a constant child in a toy store. Do you remember when you could just sit there without self consciousness. Now, we feel the weight of "Big Brother" starring down on us, and we recoil in fear. It shows in our actions and in our words. Can you project from this, what our future will be like? People already don't want to show their face on the internet. We know we are being monitored. Do you think that you could shrug off the over-powering program of "Big Brother"-pressure? Could you cast off the shackles that civilization has placed on you, and go out and experience life. Forget the programming, have the mind of a child, and believe the world is working for your benefit. It doesn't take courage, it takes faith and love. No, I'm not a courageous man, I'm a Freeman.

Wednesday, March 29

Ordo Ab Chao

I was very impressed with Steve Quayle's report on "Coast to Coast am" last night. The coming destruction is not something that I tend to focus on, although I agree. World War III is right around the corner and like Steve, I believe it will be of Biblical proportions. Is it still "the apocalypse" if it is manufactured to be so? I have noted how the global "leaders" have intentionally created scenarios that fit the prophecies in the Bible; such as Shock and Awe. In case you have missed this, I'll elaborate. Shock and Awe is a play on the Hebrew word Shekinah. The Shekinah is known as the "divine whirlwind" or "divine presence" and is considered the feminine form of God. Saddam Hussein claims that he is Nebuchadnezzer re-incarnated. He rebuilt the palace in Babylon identifying himself on the masonry. In fact, the USA Today's headline, at the time, stated, "CIA cannot disprove Saddam's claim to be Nebuchadnezzer". Nebuchadnezzer in the Bible was invaded by the Moabites. The "Shock and Awe" used the MOAB or Mother Of All Bombs. Is this prophecy being fulfilled or ritual being enacted?
I unequivocally believe that we are in for a sh!t storm. There is not a doubt in my mind that life as we know it is coming to an end. The economy is going to crash, the earth itself is in upheaval, even the sun is acting out of character. Where do we place our intention? Around me I have people "living in a dream world". I hear their plans for the future and I think, why do you believe that's possible? Aren't you watching what's going on in the world? Riots in the streets, people being shot and tortured, concentration camps in America, the chip, GM foods, HAARP, chemtrails, plagues and war. What makes you think you can have this imagined future?
We all forecast a future and act now on what we believe that future will be. This forecast is based on what we have learned in the past. Most go on the notion that if they get a good job or study hard in college their future is intact. This is the "dream" and most will not look any further to seek out potential threats to that dream. They will even go so far as to deny what they see. It is very much like the stages of denial experienced when one learns they are going to die. "It's not real, this isn't happening", they cry. It is real and it is happening and it is a setup.
What we face is about the most horrible future one could imagine; wars, plague, devastation. Pretty much the worst parts of the Bible. Everything is in place and we are allowing it to happen! My imagination conjures up an image of men in suits and ties pulling a guilded cage over a cliff and everyone is fighting to get in it!
The dollar bill is the worst spell cast upon humanity. It has blinded us to the truth and has corrupted our feelings for one another. The American motto should be, "if I have to suffer, you have to suffer". Many tell me, "well, there has to be some form of currency" and why do we believe this? Because we have not been presented with an alternative. We have become atheists and nihilists. We have lost sight of our divine purpose. We no longer believe in the simple equation, do onto others as you would have them do onto you. We no longer have the means, nor the drive to support others, and this is going to get worse. I am fond of saying, nothing brings people together like catastrophe. This has been shown time and time again. New Yorkers loved one another after the towers fell. Austin volunteers overwhelmed care centers for those displaced by Katrina. We do love. Love is at the core of all our actions, but we are blinded to where to place this love. Could the world function solely on love? Some declare that what we are witnessing is "human nature". Is it? Or have we been born into a system that keeps our potential securely under foot.
This is the future I foresee: heightened global catastrophe, a crash of the American financial status, the war in the middle east is designed to stimulate world war III and this war will be like none before. The beings controlling this planet now have the powers of God. They can control weather, they can create earthquakes and plagues, hell, they even control whether food will grow. We all glow on radar thanks to the barium in our lungs, so there is not even a place to hide. We are at a very critical juncture. None of this can occur without our consent. This must be of our own free will and accord. All that needs to happen is that we develop faith and acceptance for our fellow earthlings. All we need do is stop playing the corrupt financial game and take care of one another. I see this potential in humanity as often as I see its destructive nature. I see people working out of love instead of fear. We must discern the motives of those in charge. Everything one needs to understand this, is here on the net. One simply needs to accept the truth. Once you do, the door is wide open to explore a world based on love of others. There is no longer a drive to fulfill some egoistic dream. This dream is an illusion that will be stripped away in the very near future. There is no need to turn to outdated modes of reality like saving the Constitution or rebuilding the infrastructure. These things will take care of themselves if we focus on love and caring. There is a whole universe of possibilities before us, all we need do is act out of love and not fear. The world as we know it is coming to an end. Put another way, we are at a new beginning. This is our last chance, so you decide. Will it be fear or love?

Monday, March 20

ET? Motivations

Understanding the motivations and activities of the most significant extraterrestrial races will help greatly in answering the dilemma over which extraterrestrial races contribute to global problems confronting humanity. The question of whether or not flying saucers are visiting earth has been in our consciousness for over 50 years. Members of the Disclosure Project feel all the information is out in the open, people simply don't believe it. It is said that only little lies need be maintained, big lies will take care of themselves with people's incredulity. I myself was told by my father that, indeed, flying saucers are real and he would know; my father was part of project "Blue Book". "Architects of the Underworld" actually mentions my dad. He also was involved in building "Nike" nuclear missiles, as well as being Worshipful Master of a German Freemason lodge. It was with the coming of the nuclear age, and especially the "Trinity" project, that we started hearing much more about ET involvement on earth, but are they really from outer-space? It seemed to me that if these craft were so feeble as to crash, could they really travel light years to get here? How many cattle would need to be analyzed to make a scientific survey? No, it appears that there is a race that exists on this planet which we have yet to discover...overtly.
I find it interesting that the Hopi had a term Anasazi, which meant, "ant people". Annunaki and Anasazi are very similar. If we were to classify the usual alien reported in the US, the beings are: grey, short, with big black eyes, little mouth, little ears, with long, skinny arms and legs, in short, a subterranean being. Reports have surfaced to support this hypothesis. So, what if these beings, and not simply the "greys", but a hierarchy of beings that have been here longer than we have been homo sapien, have manipulated mankind since its inception. What if a pact was made with these beings that would effect every living thing on this planet? What if they were in control?
I have noted the pervasive use of the pentagram as a national symbol for numerous countries and has meaning to the Brotherhood as a symbol for Sirius. They call it, the "Blazing Star". Now, have a look at Dr. Salla's report on ET motivations and then think about this. Osiris, in the egyptian pantheon, is a symbol of Orion and Isis is a symbol of Sirius, these two races are linked with the manipulation of mankind. Are not the domes and phallus' representative of their king and queen? Those of Sirius have been described as reptilian and aquatic. An interesting thing of note is the difference between homo sapiens and apes; apes do not swim. They don't have webbed fingers like a human, and even their hair does not flow with water like a human. It could be believed that we are crossed with fish-people. What if these two races still exist on earth. We have only viewed 10% of our oceans, and we are still discovering mammals on the surface. Speaking of Surface, is it not interesting that the latest TV sci-fi hits, Surface and Invasion, deal with genetically-crafted amphibious beings and manufactured hurricanes, in the gulf, to hide the arrival fish-beings taking over the world by infecting human DNA? Could be a coincidence.
Evidence to this hypothesis runs deep into outer space. Some of us are watching with awe, as NASA returns scenes of 3 mile long craft visiting earth, a death star orbiting Saturn, not to mention, pyramids and a face on mars. The Mars connection is intriguing as well. Mars is also known as Ares, so, martian and aryan mean the same thing. Could Mars have been Atlantis and Earth, Lumeria? The Brotherhood claims to be the lineage of Atlanteans. Both "HW" and "W" have pushed for a manned mission to mars using nuclear propulsion. They call this the Prometheus project and it is schedule for 2010. Interestingly, Boeing saw fit to put Sumerian architecture on the Prometheus promotional poster. Did not Prometheus bring back fire from the gods?

Thursday, February 16

Demons and Angels

I had quite a time in Tucson. I met hundreds of people. I pointed out the chemtrails to many people. I would actually predict what was going to happen. I would tell them that the trails would be light during the week and heaviest during the weekend. This is because the trails are directed at crowds. I told them that after a heavy day you could expect the temperature to drop dramatically, then the following day would have super-radiant sun. All these things occured just as I had said. I told them of the symptoms that they would be feeling; first you will feel tired, very tired, then a bit of nausea, followed by aching joints and a fever. Many thought they had food poisoning or the flu. I taught the healers that they were dealing with heavy metal poisoning and not a bug. I hope some will take heed and find us a chemtrail cure. My DVD was flying out of my hands into those who could use it. I spoke with at least a dozen people with chem-trail sickness. The military also made quite a presence in the skies. I saw my first B2 bomber and "Warthogs" were flying patterns daily and the large helicopters with large guns kept us up at night. After the show had ended the jets stopped, the helicopters were gone and the chemtrails cleared up. Coincidence? While all this was going on around me, I still found myself in step with the divine will. Each friend I met would lead me on to the next. The only time I felt out of step is when I was sitting there working for an hourly wage. I found that my time is worth more than $10 an hour. I realized on this trip that I have a great many angels carrying me on my mission. Why even here in the 3rd dimension my helpers were Gabriela, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and then Christian, Mark, Luke, John. It is a wondrous world we live in! I realized that I, too, was an angel in others lives. Strangely, or perhaps not, James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecies was lecturing in Tucson that first weekend. I felt that if all went right, I would run into him and get him on the show. That didn't happen, however, and that day was one of the most miserable I had there. I know now that I should have done something else, like find James. I won't say that his book changed my life, but it certainly confirmed my life for me. I learned on this trip how one can be pulled from their path by improper concerns. Yes, one can care too much for others. Sometimes, not helping is the best one can do. I was on a mission to learn to say NO! So, here's what I have gathered: money is an illusion leading us all astray. It makes us waste our time and is not an end goal in of itself. Making connections with others is what it's all about. This is why people go to a gem and mineral show. They want to meet someone interesting. The buying and selling are merely an excuse for us to get together. We are all angels doing our duty, which we love. We know when we have fallen off our destined path. We can be there for others and have all our needs met. You can bet on that! Life is truly more miraculous than most believe. To find the miraculous one must give up controlling and let the path unfold before them. It requires faith instead of money and it works! Friends are the most precious commodity out there, so don't leave them behind! Very soon we are going to need nothing but friends. Have you made one today? I hope all of you I have met will leave me a message. Angel does mean messenger!
"True liberty is the associate of genuine self-respect; false liberty is the consort of self-admiration. True liberty is the fruit of self-control; false liberty, the assumption of self-assertion. Self-control leads to altruistic service; self-admiration tends towards the exploitation of others for the selfish aggrandizement of such a mistaken individual as is willing to sacrifice righteous attainment for the sake of possessing unjust power over his fellow beings."
(The Urantia Book pg 614)