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Freeman's TV Show

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Freeman is an internationally known, award-winning TV producer in Austin, Texas. He graduated Interdisciplinary Studies with honors and studied Ancient Architecture at Kansas University.
Freeman, host of The Freeman Perspective, has been witness to phenomenon that some men only dream of. His natural curiosity necessitated voracious studies of high weirdness which have led him to discover the hidden code behind corporate logos, the secret of ancient astronauts, while finding time to investigate HAARP and chemtrails. Conspirologists take note: Freeman starts were Alex Jones leaves off. In the spirit of David Icke and James Redfield, Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.

I have discovered a ritual being performed all around us, in the open by our "leaders" and I am making documentaries to disclose this information. I cover topics such as, corporate logos and their occult/masonic meanings. I unveil the goddess worship going on around us and explore America's goddess Columbia. I have won the ACTV awards for my documentary on HAARP; the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program which can change weather patterns and negatively effect your health. I have made sure people are aware of the chemtrail program occurring over our heads and in our bodies. I should be considered an alternative historian, as opposed to a conspiracy theorist, although I did predict 9/11 to the day and many other political events, I base my predictions on a study of ancient astronauts and the magick they used, which is today called kabbalism. Finally, I have realized the power of self-attainment through recognition of the divine-will through synchronicity or miraculous coincidence. If this "brotherhood" is manipulating the "Real World" through magickal means, our imagination is more powerful than any manifest thing. This would explain the amount of effort our "leaders" put into controlling our thoughts. I am a trail-blazer into the new "reality"
Because it is sometimes, so unbelievable, the truth escapes becoming known.

Illuminati Corporate Logos
[Original Air-Date April 23 2005]

Columbia, the Illuminati Goddess
[Original Air-Date May 1 2005]

[Original Air-Date May 8 2005]

[Original Air-Date May 15 2005]

Codex Magica Part 1
[Original Air-Date Dec. 20 2005]

Codex Magica Part 2
[Original Air-Date March 7 2006]

Gaylon Ross
[Original Air-Date Jan. 3 2005]

The Nephilim Return
[Original Air-Date May 28 2005]

Trouble with the World
[Original Air-Date Sept. 18 2008]

Michael Tsarion Part 1
[Original Air-Date Jan. 10 2005]

Michael Tsarion Part 2

Dr. Richard Guerrero

Paul H. Smith
[Original Air-Date Jan. 17th 2005]

Stewart Swerdlow
[Original Air-Date Oct. 11 2007]

Dr. Deagle

Alex Ansary


Scott Stevens
[Original Air-Date Nov. 30 2006]

Rosalind Peterson
[Original Air-Date Dec. 7th 2006]

Freeman & Chemtrails

Atmospheric Beasts

Program to Chaos
[Original Air-Date Oct. 5 2006]

Alan Watt

Eric Jon Phelps
[Original Air-Date Oct. 25 2007]

William Henry
[Original Air-Date Dec. 14 2006]

Dr. Michael Salla

Kent Daniel Bentowski
[Original Air-Date Jan 28 2006]

Barry Chamish

Giorgio Tsoukalos

Isaac Bonewitz
[Original Air-Date Nov 9 2006]

Paul Laffoley

Bill Whitcomb
[Original Air-Date Dec. 6 2007]

Dr. Jaysen Rand

Anti-Christ, Olympics, & Schwarzenegger

Chronicles of Freeman

Freeman's Darkside

The Celestine Wars

Disney's World

Money Spell

Janet Swerdlow

Anna Nicole, Britney & Mind Control
[Original Air-Date March 8 2007]

Templar Origins of Freemasonry
[Original Air-Date Oct. 13 2007]

The Sorcerers of Atlantis
[Original Air-Date Oct. 4 2007]

An Afternoon with Paul Laffoley

Eso Bytes

Freeman in Mayaland
[Original Air-Date Jan. 10 2008]

Freeman on Outside the Box

Paranormal Response Team

Power of Prophecy – Secret Signs and Deceitful Images

Power of Prophecy – Sordid Drama of Mind Control Beauty Queens

Grounds for Baphomet
[Original Air-Date Oct. 13 2008]