Friday, June 4

Anubis and the Rise of the Dragon

Who mourns Adonis when Mars is the Apollonian' s Holy Grail? The Hand of God has set its sights on Fear and Panic. Ares has succumbed to the Dragon and Atlantis will not rise again but, still they give space to HERMES.
Phantom Robotic Falcons circle the earth seeking prey and Atlas orbits the sun. Anubis prepares the funerary rites of Akhenaten, that Renegade Sun, and Apophis sets to strike. Is it WISE to seek the invisible sun? Forbidden stars appear with the Ark and gods begin to rise from the deep.
ISiS bears the True Cross awaiting the Threshold to bring LUCIFER's command. IKAROS hopes to harness the Sun bringing the ultimate light to create dark forces in nature.
ATLAS and ALICE seek god's pieces and a way to get through. Souls transmitted as the PHENIX and STAR to another time perhaps to be Apollo 2.

Gods of the Underworld
Anubis states, "I have come to protect Osiris."
Evidence suggests that, in one part of Egypt at least, Anubis was the great god of the Underworld, and his rank and importance seem to have been as great as those of Osiris.

Anubis [ANPU] signifies the Summer Solstice which in the time of Akhenaten would have been June 24th, St. John's/Freemasonry Day - Mid-Summer or the Egyptian New Year's Day, the 1st of Thoth, is signaled by the rise of Sirius. Anubis, although cynocephalus, does not represent the Dog Star but, is protectorate of its goddess, Isis.

"Typhon [Set], the evil one, could do no harm to the realm of Osiris. When Osiris came again, Typhonplotted with seventy-two comrades, and with Aso, the queen of Ethiopia, to slay him; and secretly got the measure of the body of Osiris, and made ready a fair chest, which was brought into his banqueting hall when Osiris was present together with other guests. By a ruse Osiris was induced to lie down in the chest, which was immediately closed by Typhon and his fellow conspirators, who conveyed it to the Tanaitic mouth of the Nile.
The first to know were the Pans and Satyrs, who dwelt hard by Panopolis: and finally the news was brought to Isis at Coptos, whereupon she cut off a lock of hair and put on mourning apparel. She then set out in deep grief to find her husband's body, and in the course of her wanderings she discovered that Osiris had been united with her sister Nephthys, and that Anubis was the offspring of the union. Isis tracked him by the help of dogs, and bred him up to be her guard and attendant. The Book of the Dead
The mysteries of Osiris in 2nd century Rome were described as such:
“Immediately after those came the deities, condescending to walk upon human feet, the foremost among them rearing terrifically on high his dog’s head and neck—that messenger between heaven and hell displaying alternately a face black as night, and golden as the day; in his left the caduceus, in his right waving aloft the green palm branch. His steps were closely followed by a cow [Sopdet (Sirius in Egyptian)], raised into an upright posture—the cow being the fruitful emblem of the Universal Parent, the goddess herself, which one of the happy train carried with majestic steps, supported on his shoulders. By another was borne the coffin containing the sacred things, and closely concealing the deep secrets of the holy religion.”
From the Golden Ass of Apuleius (Book ix)

Mummification was practiced to preserve a corpse so that life could continue after death and this was the domain of the mortuary god, Anubis

Anubis "Lord of the mummy wrappings" presided over mummification and funeral rites. Since the Egyptians regarded the afterlife as a continuation of their earthly existence, the correct preservation of the corpse was vital. Accompanying the body were detailed incantations, designed to be a guide to the underworld, or a scarab beetle bearing a spell to keep the dead from confessing their sins before Anubis. Anubis first performed in this function when Osiris was killed by Set.
Anubis' next appearance will be at the Denver International Airport