Saturday, December 5

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

HAARP Space War

Watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Make sure to watch my interview with Twin Tower architect Paul Laffoley
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The magical side of HAARP
HAARP aired on the Freeman Perspective in November of 2006. This was my attempt to wrap up all of the knowledge that I had gathered before the turn of the century. I witnessed as HAARP turned on, the destruction of part of the facility, 4 states losing electrical power, Milosevic accusing the U.S. of creating earthquakes and floods in the Middle East. I watched the jet stream being manipulated, snow storms in the Middle East, and even witnessed weather modification first hand at the Rainbow gathering.

Here's HAARP translated into German
At this same time we were all witnessing strange anomalies with the sun.
I am proud to state that my documentary of HAARP won an award at Channel Austin. This video includes some surprises like the discovery of the "Tomb of Osiris" found in the Giza underworld and subterranean aliens...
Just remember that many scoffed at the idea of a New World Order just a few short years ago.