Sunday, November 1

Obama, Cloning & the Coming Space War

Freeman brings you a new DVD and CD for $24.99

Who is this man we call the President? Will he cause a Constitutional crisis? What’s hidden within his name and his statements? Is he the coming Anti-Christ predicted by Nostradamus? Are we witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich? Or are things much stranger than we thought?

This 2 disk set includes a DVD of Freeman's presentation, Obama, Cloning and the Coming Space War and a CD with 10 hours of Freeman's radio interviews in MP3 format.

Freeman takes you on a rollercoaster ride of conspiracy and ancient technology. He will challenge your very sight as he postulates the theory that our First Family may be clones of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Akhenaten and his mother Queen Tiye.

Explore revelations of Lucifer, occult rituals hidden as political speech, and the acceleration of the weaponization of space for a coming space war.

This video will leave you staggered as to how all these possibilities could come true in one moment of time.
Is Obama a clone? Would you like to know more?