Monday, March 20

ET? Motivations

Understanding the motivations and activities of the most significant extraterrestrial races will help greatly in answering the dilemma over which extraterrestrial races contribute to global problems confronting humanity. The question of whether or not flying saucers are visiting earth has been in our consciousness for over 50 years. Members of the Disclosure Project feel all the information is out in the open, people simply don't believe it. It is said that only little lies need be maintained, big lies will take care of themselves with people's incredulity. I myself was told by my father that, indeed, flying saucers are real and he would know; my father was part of project "Blue Book". "Architects of the Underworld" actually mentions my dad. He also was involved in building "Nike" nuclear missiles, as well as being Worshipful Master of a German Freemason lodge. It was with the coming of the nuclear age, and especially the "Trinity" project, that we started hearing much more about ET involvement on earth, but are they really from outer-space? It seemed to me that if these craft were so feeble as to crash, could they really travel light years to get here? How many cattle would need to be analyzed to make a scientific survey? No, it appears that there is a race that exists on this planet which we have yet to discover...overtly.
I find it interesting that the Hopi had a term Anasazi, which meant, "ant people". Annunaki and Anasazi are very similar. If we were to classify the usual alien reported in the US, the beings are: grey, short, with big black eyes, little mouth, little ears, with long, skinny arms and legs, in short, a subterranean being. Reports have surfaced to support this hypothesis. So, what if these beings, and not simply the "greys", but a hierarchy of beings that have been here longer than we have been homo sapien, have manipulated mankind since its inception. What if a pact was made with these beings that would effect every living thing on this planet? What if they were in control?
I have noted the pervasive use of the pentagram as a national symbol for numerous countries and has meaning to the Brotherhood as a symbol for Sirius. They call it, the "Blazing Star". Now, have a look at Dr. Salla's report on ET motivations and then think about this. Osiris, in the egyptian pantheon, is a symbol of Orion and Isis is a symbol of Sirius, these two races are linked with the manipulation of mankind. Are not the domes and phallus' representative of their king and queen? Those of Sirius have been described as reptilian and aquatic. An interesting thing of note is the difference between homo sapiens and apes; apes do not swim. They don't have webbed fingers like a human, and even their hair does not flow with water like a human. It could be believed that we are crossed with fish-people. What if these two races still exist on earth. We have only viewed 10% of our oceans, and we are still discovering mammals on the surface. Speaking of Surface, is it not interesting that the latest TV sci-fi hits, Surface and Invasion, deal with genetically-crafted amphibious beings and manufactured hurricanes, in the gulf, to hide the arrival fish-beings taking over the world by infecting human DNA? Could be a coincidence.
Evidence to this hypothesis runs deep into outer space. Some of us are watching with awe, as NASA returns scenes of 3 mile long craft visiting earth, a death star orbiting Saturn, not to mention, pyramids and a face on mars. The Mars connection is intriguing as well. Mars is also known as Ares, so, martian and aryan mean the same thing. Could Mars have been Atlantis and Earth, Lumeria? The Brotherhood claims to be the lineage of Atlanteans. Both "HW" and "W" have pushed for a manned mission to mars using nuclear propulsion. They call this the Prometheus project and it is schedule for 2010. Interestingly, Boeing saw fit to put Sumerian architecture on the Prometheus promotional poster. Did not Prometheus bring back fire from the gods?