Tuesday, December 20

Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, & the 4th Dimension

Christine to me
My then future sister-in-law told me over 15 years ago how the clock tower at UT Austin looked like an owl when viewed from an angle. I asked her why that was, and she said, "Well, you know, it's an institute of higher learning and the owl symbolizes wisdom." For years after that, whenever we would drive in to Austin to visit, I would look at the clock tower and think, yep, it does look like an owl.

In Sept 2000, we moved to Austin to find work and after several months discovered Alex Jones. We saw his video on Bohemian Grove and how the owl was one of the elite's symbols. It never struck me until I was driving around Austin, looked at the clock tower and realized it was a symbol of the elite. At the time I didn't know about UT and it's reputation for being a place that the CIA recruits from and the fact that the Church of Scientology has a HUGE reading room across the street from the campus (makes you wonder how much rent they are paying for that prime piece of real estate). I spread the word about the UT clock tower owl to the people I met from There4Iam and Esoteric Science Roundtable's metaphysical study group meetings before the Frost Bank building was built (an owl/obelisk). I am amazed at how people have latched on to this phenomenon in architecture, but symbolism has to be one of the most fascinating subjects I have ever looked into. I recommend that everyone take a semester of introductory psychology (or better yet, find an older used textbook). When it hits you that humans learn by example (what we see and hear), you'll understand how easily the human psyche is manipulated if you are not paying attention to what is going on around you.

I love your show, Freeman. Keep up the good work!

P.S. It seems that every guest you have had scheduled has some issue that delays their appearance (either personal, or PACT issues). Do you think somehow that they are being interfered with so the audience won't be watching when they are re-scheduled? I was worried about Texe Marrs' delay and now Jon Rappaport's...am I being too paranoid?

Freeman to Christine
:) I feel it too. I've described it as holding the head of a serpent while trying to get past its writhing body. It's been incredible. While Texe was working on his book many things occured. While I compiled the images for his show, I wondered when too many satanic symbols would be enough. I had 2200 images in my file. I was importing the last few and my computer froze on Jack Parsons, certainly the most sinister man recently. I turned the computer off like I do at times like these and when I returned, all my images had vanished into thin air. I already had troubles getting film out of my computer. I had to ask a friend to export my film from his computer. This should have taken an hour or so. It took 4, the show was that evening. I needed to run to the bank. On my way back to my friend's place, my brakes seized and my car is still sitting there. Currently, I was working on a visual display for tonight's show and using the computer for reference while doing a podcast interview. The power cord has been shorting out, my battery was almost dead. I tried to fix the cord and blew up my computer. It's dead. So, I have no film, no car, and no computer. I will go on! Tonight's show with Jon Rappoport should be very telling. I had told people month's before 911 that an attack would happen on that day. their response afterwards was markedly different from those who were not around me. I hope the same results will occur from Jon's revelations. Thanks for the comments. I love to hear from you. Write back soon.


Because it is sometimes so unbelievable,
the truth escapes becoming known