Saturday, November 26

Illuminati Hand Signs and Goddess Worship

Age of Revelation

We absolutely live in the Age of Revelation, and I can say that there is nothing more revealing than Texe Marrs new book, Codex Magica. Texe lovingly, sent me a copy, which I recieved today. If anyone can look at these voluminous illustrations and still look at life the same, Satan wins and I give up. This is it folks, the ultimate in revelation. Our "leaders" are purposefully evil. I find it very intriguing that Texe and I are revealing so much of the same information at the same time. This is knowledge that is begging to be known. Right down to "Cosmo Kramer" being a freemason. I thought I was the only one to reveal this because they happened to be talkng about Michael Richards when I visited the Supreme Mother Council of the World(check Scottish Rite link) I was amazed and delighted with Texe's ability to dig so deep that he has numerous pictures of the whole Seinfield gang giving occultic gestures.
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